Planting flower bulbs for the spring

Garden Life
Snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths are the first signs of spring which show their colourful splendour from February onwards. The appearances of bright tulip petals, glorious daffodils or delicate anemones are the epitome of spring. Now in October at the latest you should plant the flower bulbs in the garden or in flower pots. Planting at the right time is decisive for successful growth, as bulbs planted too late are more sensitive to frost and do not blossom as abundantly.
Bulb flowers provide intensive splashes of colour and turn balconies, patios or gardens into a sumptuous spring dream. Whether you use narcissi varieties in elegant shades of cream, white and yellow or a combination of fragrant hyacinths in an intensive blue with bright pink tulips – there are no limits to your imagination for your arrangements. If you take the later growth height into account when planting the bulbs and tubers and plant high tulips, and daffodils, for example, at the back, and squill and anemones at the front, you can “paint” stylish garden pictures again and again each year.

When planting the flower bulbs, remember that the bulbs should lie two to three times as deep in the soil as their height. A sufficiently large and deep hole can easily be dug with a flower bulb planter. Then insert the bulb with its tip facing upwards, cover it with the soil from the flower bulb planter and press down. Those who wish to light a spring firework display in pots and baskets should use the so-called lasagne method, placing large bulbs deeper down and smaller ones further up with the aid of a trowel.