Keep your plants healty by watering the garden correctly

Garden Life
To ensure you have a green lawn in summer and your flowers do not wither, you should also ensure in May that all plants receive enough water, especially in long periods of drought. Most plants react to a lack of water with reduced growth and wilted leaves. A typical warning for lawns is, for example, when footprints can be seen in the garden for a long time. The blades of grass then lack the water which would quickly straighten them up again. A bluish colouring or silvery gleam on the lawn is also signs of a lack of water.
The following applies here: flowers and grass should be watered after just a few days of dryness in warm temperatures. This is the only way that they can remain healthy and grow into strong plants. When watering, ensure that the plants receive enough water. Therefore, water less frequently but with enough water rather than a little every day.

If you cannot be bothered to water your garden yourself or keep forgetting, you can now install an irrigation system from GARDENA in May before the hot months arrive. There is a solution for every planted area, be it hedges, shrubs, beds or lawns that need watering. You can thus have your whole garden watered automatically without having to drag a watering can from one bed to the next.

By integrating an automatic watering control, a soil moisture or rain sensor, the plants receive exactly the right amount of water they need to thrive.