Keep your lawn edges well trimmed

Garden Life
Is your lawn well-kept and in top form? Good – we are glad! And what about the lawn edges? Are blades of grass growing rampantly into the bed or around trees – and thus spreading in areas which are not easily reached with the lawnmower?
No problem – this unwanted grass is also easy to deal with! Lawn edges can be cut in various ways. For those who only have very few places where the grass is growing into areas which cannot be reached with the lawnmower, mechanical grass shears are available. These are shears with which you can cut the grass like with secateurs. Many shears have a rotatable cutting head, so that the grass along walls can be cut relatively easily. The disadvantage: most shears do not have a handle, so that you have to cut the grass on your knees or crouching. Simple grass shears are therefore less suitable for long lawn edges.

It is much easier with Accu Grass Shears. The blades of these are motor-driven, at the press of a button, so that the grass is cut easily and conveniently. With the aid of an extension handle, the lawn edges can even be cut in an upright position, without tiresome bending down.

Those who have large areas with many lawn edges should preferably use a trimmer or brush cutter. These tools are generally available with an electric motor or petrol engine. And also as cordless Accu products. Powerful trimmers are the better option especially for taller grass.

Incidentally, grass shears cut the grass like scissors, so that it is cut off smoothly and remains nice and green. Trimmers, on the other hand, cut the grass with a filament, which frays the grass and turns the tips yellow more quickly. This should also be taken into account if you place importance on a neat, lush green lawn.