It's time for spring bulbs!

Garden Life
Snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths are the first flowers to show their multi-coloured glory in the spring. Now is the right time to place these precious treasures in the soil.
The beauty of bright tulips, glorious narcissi or decorative anemones is the epitome of spring. From mid-September it's time for the blossom jewels to go into the soil. This is absolutely essential to ensure that they grow successfully, since bulbs planted too late are more sensitive to frost and do not bloom as abundantly.

The play between colours and shapes

Bulb flowers provide intensive splashes of colour and transform a balcony or terrace into a rustling spring dream. Whether narcissus varieties in elegant cream, white and yellow tones or the combination of aromatic hyacinths in an intensive blue with bright pink tulips - when designing a garden there is no limit to your imagination. If, when planting bulbs and tubers, you consider the heights of the plants when grown and, for example, place high tulips, crown imperials and narcissi at the back, and locate Siberian squill and anemones at the front, you can "paint" new and stylish garden landscapes every year.

Spring bulbs need three things...

First: The right location is essential if the heralds of spring are to bloom and grow. Most like fresh, damp soil in spring but in summer - during the resting phase - they like to be in dry and permeable earth.

Second: The bulbs should be placed into the soil at a depth that is two or three times their height. With the GARDENA bulb planter it is easy to punch out a hole that is large and deep enough for the bulb; you then insert the bulb with the tip upwards, cover with the soil from the planter and press it in.

Third: Anyone wanting to create spring "fireworks" in pots and buckets can use the GARDENA combisystem trowel with so-called "lasagna" technology to plant large bulbs at the bottom and small bulbs at the top.