Intelligent watering equipment for a beautiful lawn and flourishing beds.

Garden Life
Sunny weeks during the summer when there is no rain are wonderful for us - but sadly not for garden plants. When it comes to water, lawn grass is particularly demanding. The loss of one tenth of its usual water supply leads to wilting.
Garden flowers such as annual summer flowers, which flower tirelessly, or vegetable plants, which are ready to harvest within a summer, need up to 200 litres of water per square meter. Impressive watering systems with intelligent technology which are easy to use and provide innovative solutions are practical here.

GARDENA has developed the AquaContour automatic oscillating sprinkler for amateur gardeners who are well aware of the need to be careful with water, since it is a precious resource. This sprinkler can be adjusted so precisely that it dampens virtually every corner of the garden with precious moisture. And it works with absolute precision because it really only waters areas which are thirsty. How does it do this? The smart system allows step-by-step programming and the storage of up to 50 contour points, enabling the areas requiring irrigation to be reached.

The GARDENA Micro-System is best suited for the irrigation of borders and lawns. It supplies all plants with the required moisture automatically and cost-effectively. The invisible sprinkler system is easy and quick to assemble. Its underground irrigation line moistens the soil evenly without a single drop of water evaporating.

The garden hose - which can now be used straight from its reel - is an ingenious associate. The GARDENA wall-mounted hose box with its automatic roll-up mechanism provides this function. It can be easily mounted on the wall and pivoted through 180 degrees to allow effortless direction changes. A hose connector can be used to connect to a tap, sprinkler, spray lance or sprayer easily and quickly. Once watering is complete, all that is needed is a quick tug and the hose winds back up automatically.