How to make your own herbal tea

Garden Life
In the cold winter months, a hot tea is a wonderful way of warming yourself up from the inside. A home-made tea made of dried herbs is a wonderful alternative to coffee or other hot drinks.
Of course there is a wide range of different herbal teas available in the shops. But it is completely unnecessary to spend money on them. You can very easily make herbal tea yourself, provided that you have harvested and preserved your herbs in September. You can now use these to make your own tea compositions. If you have not stored any herbs, you can of course also buy them in dried form.

You do not require any special knowledge in order to make tea. In addition to the dried herbs, it’s worth taking a look in the spice cupboard. Caraway, for example, goes well with sage tea. For sage tea you need a certain amount of dried sage sprigs. The same applies to camomile tea. Here the petals of real camomile are used, which then form the basis for the tea. Lime blossom tea, for example, is a popular tea which is recommended for colds.

Generally, herbal tea is prepared with boiling water. The brewing time is usually 8 to 10 minutes. Then you can pour your herbal tea and enjoy it.