How to create a micro-climate for your strawberries

Garden Life
Under weather protection, strawberries now ripen faster and more healthily. A warm micro-climate protected against moisture allows strawberries to grow faster, blossom more safely and produce fruit more rapidly in May.
You can achieve such a micro-climate now by covering the plant rows in the strawberry beds with a plastic plan tunnel or covering the bed with a garden fleece. However, ensure when the strawberries begin to flower that bees have access to pollinate the blossoms. To this end, on sunny days with bee activity, open up the tunnel or the fleece cover in time and cover up the plants again in time at the end of bee activity so that as much residual daytime heat as possible is trapped under the film.

If ripening of the strawberries then begins soon afterwards with reddening of the fruit, surround the strawberry plants with a layer of straw. As soon as the stems of the fruit start to bend towards the ground under the increasingly heavy fruit, the ripe strawberries do not lie on the ground but instead on the straw. The strawberries are therefore not soiled with earth.

Tip: Ensure that, during the ripening period of the berries, the tunnel or the fleece cover are closed so tightly that ants cannot gain access to the ripening fruits. Now also check the strawberry plantation repeatedly for snail infestation and if necessary put down environmentally-friendly slug bait (active agent e.g. iron-III-phosphate).