High time for the last mowing of the lawn

Garden Life
Those who have no longer regularly mown their lawn in autumn should now do so again before frost and snow make it impossible. There is no ideal time to mow the lawn for the last time in autumn. As long as it is not too cold at night, the lawn continues to grow and may have to be mown again and again. However, as soon as the nights turn cold, the lawn goes into winter dormancy.
However, it should be cut beforehand, to a length of approx. five centimetres. This setting is very suitable for giving your lawn a well cared-for appearance. At the same time, the higher cutting height guarantees a certain amount of protection for the grass against cold. However, the grass should not be left too long, as otherwise, in areas of snowfall, the snow presses the blades of grass down. This in turn provides an ideal breeding ground for fungi and other diseases.

Also ensure that the cut grass does not remain on the lawn. Here, too, a humid climate can form under the cuttings which promotes the spread of fungi and bacteria. The same applies to leaves and windfall on the lawn: clear everything away carefully in order not to damage the lawn.