Heather in the garden provides a lot of colour

Garden Life
In late autumn, when the trees have lost their leaves and the flowers their petals, gardens and nature often look very sad. Those who do not like this can put winter flowering heather plants in the garden. Whether in beds, pots, on the balcony or patio: heather provides colour in the garden. Now, at this time of year, it blossoms particularly nicely and pleases us with many small blossoms.
There are various varieties of heather plant. They are divided into winter flowering and summer flowering heather, which refers to the fact that they blossom either in summer or in winter, depending on the variety. A popular winter flowering heather is Erica, which is known by various names, e.g. also as Erica carnea. It blossoms from November to April.

Over the years, the small, evergreen heather bushes form a compact cushion in the bed. In pots they are an eye-catcher, especially in winter. The pots should stand in a sunny, open place where possible. Those who cannot provide such conditions can simply place the pots in semi-shade. Here, too, the heather plant grows well.

After the heather plants have blossomed, the inflorescences should be cut back. This is important, as cutting back prevents them becoming bare from below. The new petals thus blossom abundantly next spring.