Harvesting spring spinach

Garden Life
The winter is over; there is a smell of spring in the air. It is good, then, that some early vegetables can already be harvested for the first time now.
Spinach which was planted at the beginning of the year can now be harvested for the first time. So that spinach can be harvested up to four times, the heart should be left when cutting off the leaves. Then the spinach grows back and you can harvest it several times. It is just as possible to harvest only some selected leaves of the spinach plants.

Spring spinach has very tender leaves, which are very good for salad when raw. The varieties which are harvested in summer and autumn are not very robust and taste much sharper and spicier. Spinach contains minerals and vitamins, but unfortunately it also concentrates nitrate and oxalic acid. However, the nitrate content is reduced by up to 70 % by blanching.

Originally from Central Asia, today spinach is grown worldwide and botanically speaking belongs to the goosefoot family.