Handy helpers – your best friends in the garden

Garden Life
The autumn is a busy time for gardeners, with harvesting, planting and digging. Having the right garden tools makes gardening work easier and more fun. With the GARDENA combisystem you can turn your flower rake into a grubber or a lawn edge trimmer in no time.
High quality, easy-to-use rakes, grubbers, hoes, tillers and much more – the GARDENA combisystem is a clever system, which lets you combine a few handles with various tools. That way, many garden chores can easily be covered and you will save both time and money. You easily turn your flower rake into a weeder or a lawn edge trimmer by just putting the right tool on the handle.
For taking care of flowerpots or smaller flower and vegetable beds, the hand tools are your perfect partners. They have a compact design, are easy to use and can also be extended with a longer handle and for a more comfortable working position. All combisystem handles are made of wood or aluminium. All wooden handles are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty on all tools. These are some of the combisystem tools:

The GARDENA combisystem Garden Hoe is a new and great tool for garden care in close-set rows and beds without damaging the plants. Hoeing, weeding, aerating, ridging and levelling – everything is possible with the straight toothed blade on one side and three teeth on the other. The large blade with improved contour makes for easier penetration into the ground. The Garden Hoe is suitable for all combisystem handles. GARDENA recommends a handle length of 130 or 150 cm depending of your own body height.

For raking together leaves, weeds and grass cuttings in beds, the GARDENA combisystem Hand Rake is the right tool. The ergonomic handle lies well in the hand and facilitates work.

The GARDENA combisystem Hand Trowel is perfect for planting and transplanting in beds, flower boxes or large pots. The specially formed handle can easily be removed and replaced by any combisystem handle.

The GARDENA combisystem Hand Grubber is optimally suited for loosening and aerating the soil without damaging roots and for removing weeds.

The GARDENA combisystem Cultivator has three lance-shaped, pressed prongs and is optimally suited for effortless loosening of light- to medium-heavy soil.

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