Equipping trees with a bird house and food

Garden Life
A bird house should be installed before the proper onset of winter, as many species of bird also seek protection against snow and ice in the cold season. The bird house should be designed in such a way that birds of different sizes can use it.
When installing, you should also consider the sun's radiation, as the bird house should not be too shaded but not too exposed to sun either. Ensure that you install it tilting forwards slightly. This prevents rain and snow getting in. Mount it at a height of 2 – 3 metres but not too far into the crown of the tree, so that bird enemies such as martens do not have things too easy.

When equipping with winter food, you can use various forms of ready-made mixtures. However, it is also possible to mix your own winter food. Surely everyone is familiar with ready-made products such as feeder rings and balls. After all, they can be found in any supermarket. However, this food is not suitable for all bird species.

Winter food for birds can easily be made from your own ingredients. You can save a considerable amount of money this way. You can also ensure that many species of bird are provided with food in winter. It is sufficient to fill a feeding box or a small bowl with cereals and berries. Oat flakes are particularly popular with all birds. Sunflower seeds are also excellent winter food for birds. Types of vegetables such as cucumber and melon are ideal for feeding birds in winter. However, you should ensure here that the fruits do not freeze. The quantity of food should always be selected so that it is sufficient for one day. If there is too much food in the bird house, mould may easily form.