Delicious nibbles from the garden

Garden Life
Who doesn't like sitting at home in the evening nibbling little snacks? It is a good and somewhat different idea to collect grains and nuts for this in the garden in late summer and to make a delicious, healthy nut and grain mix.
This is very easy to do: You can get sunflower seeds from the sunflower in the garden. You can leave them to dry in their natural state or roast them in oil. In autumn there are also many trees which bear nuts. Harvested hazelnuts or walnuts are also ideal for a delicious nut mixture. Another delicacy which can also be mixed in is pumpkin seeds. These can be easily obtained from an edible pumpkin by scooping them out of a halved pumpkin with a spoon, washing and drying or roasting them. Those who do not have nut trees in their gardens can of course also buy pumpkin seeds and nuts and mix them together directly. This is a very easy way to make a nut mixture for snacks.

Those missing something fruity in the nut mixture can dry apples or grapes and add them to the nut mixture later. An interesting idea is to cover the fruits with chocolate and allow them to dry. Finally, mix everything together and seal in an air-tight bag so that the nuts and fruits cannot absorb water. Have fun experimenting and mixing!

Here is a delicious recipe as a basis for your personal variations:
200 g hazelnuts
200 g walnuts
200 g sunflower seeds
200 g pumpkin seeds
250 g dried grapes (raisins)
200 g dried apples