Clearing out withered spring flowers correctly

Garden Life
The time for spring flowers is now finally over. Crocuses, tulips, carnations and Lily of the Valley have already blossomed in all their glory and are pleasing to the eye of the beholder. When they have lost their petals, it is time to make room in the bed for summer flowers.
The wilted blossoms and leaves of the spring bloomers must be carefully removed by hand in order not to damage the bulbs. Before beginning with this, you should ensure that the blossom has died off completely and has a brownish discolouration. It should feel dried out and brittle. It is important never to cut off any part of the wilted plant which has not yet died off completely. Brown parts put a strain on the flower bulb, but it is even worse for the plant if living parts are removed. When all dead parts of the flower have been removed, the bulb remaining in the soil can prepare itself for the next spring.

The space in the bed thus gained can be used to plant summer flowers and shrubs. When planting for summer, ensure that you use high quality, structurally stable plant soil. The additional cost of good soil pays off in the form of stronger plants and more abundant blossoms. The soil should be well loosened and ideally covered with a compost layer. You thus create the best conditions for a beautiful summer flower bed.