Choose the right lawn mower for your needs

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Mowing the lawn can be a chore that is handled easily, fast and without effort. It usually comes down to the equipment. But how does one determine what’s best? Don’t worry – here’s a simple guide to what’s what.

1. Size of the lawn

• Small to medium sized lawns
A small lawn can easily be managed by a simple reel push mower or an electrically powered walk-behind model. Furthermore the advances in technology has nowadays provided the home owner who lacks the time, with fully automatic robotic mowers perfectly suited for small to medium-sized lawns.

• Large lawns
Larger areas demand more power and here you might want to consider a petrol-powered walk-behind mower, or maybe even a riding mower or a lawn tractor. The bigger the area, the bigger the need for a large machine with larger cutting width.

2. Environmental aspects

Secondly, you’ll want to weigh in the environmental aspects.
“Of course the best choice is electrically or battery powered mowers, or even better, robotic mowers which have minimal sound levels ”, says [Michael Axelsson at Product marketing for Wheeled Walk-behind and Robotics at Husqvarna.] “As for combustion fuel powered machines, high standards are required from engine manufacturers when it comes to emissions and noise pollution. By choosing a mower of high quality, you can further reduce the noise level.”

3. Mulching, rear bag or side discharge

The third thing to take into consideration is what kind of solution you want, when it comes to the remains, the cut grass.
Bioclip or mulching mowers are becoming increasingly popular. From an environmental aspect, these are good solutions. By leaving the shed grass it helps fertilize and brings back the water from the grass, into the lawn. You also don’t have to worry about transporting the shed grass to a compost.

4. Economy/budget

What can you afford? Keep in mind that a high quality machine will be of service for a long time, while a cheap model might serve its purpose for a shorter period of time, but tends to break more easily and might cut the grass unevenly.

Lawn mower models, a beginner’s guide:

Reel Push – cylinder cutting blades. Walk-behind, manually pushed. Suitable for smaller lawns.
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Walk mowers – engine powered (fuel, electrical, battery, solar cells). Walk behind. Suitable for medium-sized lawns.
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Ride-on/rider mower – often designed as a small tractor where you ride on the actual mower. Suitable for large areas.
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Robotic mower – fully automatic, battery powered. Suitable for small to medium-sized lawns.
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