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Check your lawnmover

Garden Life
In case you didn´t winterise your lawnmower the winter season might have harmed it.
There are several points you can look for before the first cut of the new season. And keep in mind – safety first. There are big differences between electric and petrol driven lawn mowers but the first thing you can do, whether it´s an electric or petrol mower, is to clean it.

Electric lawnmower:

Plug it in and check the functions – If anything doesn´t work like it should bring it to an expert. Due to safety reasons only experts are allowed to work on electronic devices. If everything works properly switch it off, pull the plug and check the blades of your mower. Let them sharpen if are dulled. Put some grease on the links and you are ready to go.

Petrol lawnmower:

More work can be done on a petrol-driven lawnmower – if you want to do it yourself!? Otherwise bring it to an expert he will do all the work for you.
Anyway here is some advice for the do-it-yourselfer.
At first check your blades and bring them to an expert to sharpen them, if required. Then check and clean the air strainer, make an oil change, take a look at the spark plug and clean it with a steel brush, put some grease on all links and finally change the fuel filter and fuel up. That was it.

Now the grass can grow – you are ready to mow.