A man using a GARDENA branch pruner

Tree and Shrub Care

Bushes and trees play a vital role in garden design, contributing their unique personality, character, and visual appeal. To ensure they align with your garden plans, proper pruning, trimming, cutting, and sawing are essential. By incorporating careful planning and regular care, you can shape and define the appearance of your garden, allowing your bushes and trees to thrive and enhance the overall aesthetic.


Shaping up your hedges 

Hedges frame the garden. These living walls are ideal for dividing property or adding visual accents through artistic shapes. Trimming is vital for healthy and dense hedges.

A person using a GARDENA shrub shear

Shrub Shears

Cable-free and easy to manoeuvre, the lightweight GARDENA battery shrub shears are optimally suited for contouring and shaping hedges in an exact and easy way.
A man using a GARDENA hedge clipper

Hedge Clippers

Whether for exact shaping or for large-scale cutting back; each product is optimised for its intended purpose and is designed for the needs of the user.


Pruning is a vital aspect of tree and bush care, allowing them to thrive and complement your garden design. By investing time in thoughtful pruning and regular maintenance, you can shape the appearance and vitality of your plants. GARDENA offers a range of cutting tools, including pruners for flowers and thin branches, loppers for bushes, and tree pruners for larger trees, to assist you in achieving the desired results.

A person using GARDENA Secateurs


A clear range structure, well-thought-out ergonomics, compelling quality and product features have made the GARDENA range so successful.
A man cutting off a branch from a tree with a GARDENA lopper


The GARDENA Loppers are all robust, long lasting, but still lightweight products that offer the best cutting performance.


Chop that wood! If pruning loppers are not strong enough to get your trees in shape, GARDENA's hand saws are the right choice. They can even be used at great heights using one of the GARDENA combisystem handles. For more demanding tasks or for making fire wood, GARDENA chainsaws and axes are recommended.

The GARDENA Garden saws range

Garden saws

Extremly flexible and reliable garden saws for universal use on trees and shrubs.
A man chopping wood with a GARDENA axe


GARDENA axes have been developed to felling, splitting, de-branching or hewing - and there is an axe for any need.