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Sprinkler Hose15m
Article No. : 996-20
Fine spray for fragile plants
Sprinkler Tripod
Article No. : 2075-20
Turns ground sprinklers into high-level sprinklers
Pyramid Sprinkler
Article No. : 971
A classic style full circle sprinkler for small gardens. With base holes to secure into the ground (if required) Spray diameter up to 8m with an area coverage of max 50 m2.
Sprinkler Hose 7.5m
Article No. : 995-20
Fine spray for fragile plants
The Spray Sprinkler for smaller areas
The Rose Sprinkler for smaller to middle areas
The practical Circular Sprinkler for small to medium areas
Sprinkler Hose Connection Set
Article No. : 5316-20
Complete fittings for the GARDENA Sprinkler Hose
The sprinkler for different irrigation shapes
Even watering of smaller areas
Even irrigation through precision nozzles
Fits together and easy to handle
The Circular Sprinkler with precision nozzles for smaller to larger areas
The sprinkler for large areas
The sector sprinkler made of robust plastic