GARDENA holiday watering installed in a plant pot

Holiday Watering

AquaBloom Water Control

Plant care for when you’re not there

With the GARDENA independent watering solutions, watering your plants becomes a carefree task - indoors and outdoors.

GARDENA independent watering solutions keep your plants and flowers blooming with the right amount of water - even when you are away on holiday.

Outdoor Holiday Watering

GARDENA Aqua Bloom

AquaBloom Set

Solar-powered irrigation for up to 20 balcony and terrace plants 

✓ No tap connection needed.
✓ No mains power needed.
✓ Solar-powered: tapless and plugless.
✓ 3-in-1 main unit (pump, control unit, solar panel).
✓ 14 pre-set watering programmes.

Automatic Micro-Drip Irrigation

Balcony watering

For flower boxes and planters

✓ Connects to 7 flower pots and 3 planters
✓ Inline Drip Heads supply water to your plants
✓ Water saving precise drip irrigation
✓ Simply connect to tap 
✓ This kit includes the Water control Flex to automate your irrigation

A GARDENA AquaBloom set with solar technique


How much water do your plants need as long as you are gone?