Rotary Lawnmowers

Easy to use, ergonomic and reliable lawnmowers for all gardens.
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Powerful and ergonomic

Young man mowing his lawn with the Gardena Powermax Electric Lawnmower

Powerful and ergonomic

Our PowerMax Electric Lawnmowers provide optimum grass coverage and excellent cutting results thank to Power Plus motor and DuraEdge special hardened, shaped blade.

Young man mowing his lawn with a Gardena Electric Lawnmower

Instant performance – just plug in and start

With an Electric Lawnmower you will never have to worry if it will start or not. There's no petrol to refill and no battery to charge. Just plug it in and start mowing.

A man mowing his lawn right next to a stone wall

Mowing close to edges without any problem

With edging combs on the side of the lawnmower you can cut close to walls and edges. The comb helps pull grass into the blade – so no need for any more trimming after each time you've mowed the lawn.

Close-up of the ergonomic handle of the Gardena electric lawnmower

New handle design for ergonomics and comfort

The upturned handles with comfortable soft grip components have ergonomic levers and easy height adjustment of the handle. This gives you comfortable control and will suit any user height.


Garden inspiration

lawn preparation

Lawn preparations

Ugly, yellow-green waterlogged patches tend to appear where the roots of a lawn cannot breathe properly. This is the case where the soil is densified and also possibly waterlogged. The problem also occurs on heavily-used lawns. Special aeration measures – aerifying and sanding – for lawn roots permit the green grass to breathe again.
beautiful lawn

Five easy tips for a beautiful lawn

A beautiful lawn is one of the most desired features in gardens all around the world. Here are five useful tips to help you in your hunt for the perfect lawn.
weed puller

What can be done against weeds in the lawn?

Weed! It sprouts out of the lawn and destroys the hard work and the neat picture of the garden. Below, you will find more information on how to prevent the growth of new weeds, and which actions you can take against the annoying plants.