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More than 40 years expertise in: Drainage. Irrigation. Domestic Use

GARDENA, Europe’s leading brand of high-quality pump products for drainage, irrigation or domestic use! Great products with impressive performance and excellent efficiency. These powerful pumps are exactly the right choice to help around the home and garden. The modern and usage oriented design as well as the outstanding performance will impress you. All these advantages and more make these pumps the ideal devices.
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More than 40 years of experience in pump systems with numerous patents and patent applications.



Expert telephone consultation and guaranteed spare parts supply for at least 7 years.


High quality

Reliable quality with 5 years of warranty and high-quality materials.



Easy to use with guaranteed long service life.

The perfect pump for any application

No matter what pump you choose, you can be sure of GARDENA quality, innovative features and high performance.

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With pumps for drainage you can pump water out of flooded cellars, out of the laundry room, the pool, pond or pit. You can even transfer water e.g from a pond to a rain water tank.

Drainage pump types:

  • Clear Water Submersible Pump
  • Dirty Water Submersible Pump
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With the irrigation pumps you can irrigate water from wells, cisterns and rain water tanks. Besides that, you can increase the water pressure of the tap.
Irrigation pump types:

  • Garden Pump
  • Rain Water Tank Pump
  • Pressure Tank Unit


Domestic pumps are used to pump water for the household (e.g flushing toilets and washing machines). You can also pump water for the garden from alternative water sources and for small irrigation purposes.
Domestic use pump types:

  • Pressure Tank Unit

Hello power. Goodbye noise.

NEW Garden Pumps


Premium performance with less electricity costs

New garden pumps, developed in Germany, are extremely powerful with a low power consumption. The pump achieves an extremely high flow rate with moderate operating costs.



GARDENA garden pumps can remain outdoors for the entire garden season - even if it rains continuously or during damp and foggy weather. This allows the pump to be used efficiently, for example at a garden well.