Innovative and high-quality Hoses

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GARDENA Hoses - always a good choice

The GARDENA Hoses are not just a transporter of water from your tap to your plants and lawn, they are part of a mobile irrigation solution where everything fits together. Our hoses offer trustworthy product quality being made in Europe and coming with long product warranties up to 30 years.

Find the right hose for your needs

When choosing a new hose, take into account two aspects:

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Hose length and intended use

Which length allows you to reach every corner of your greenery? According to our experience, you can orientate on your garden size:

Balconies, terraces and small gardens: 10 – 15 m
Medium – sized gardens: 20 -25 m
Larger gardens: 30 m +

Think about what do you want to use the hose for? This will determine from which hose family and which model to choose your hose to serve your needs best.

GARDENA hoses at a glance


Liano™ Textile Hoses

Tough, flexible, lightweight and easy to store. Your choice for high performance and maneuverability.

Hose lengths: 10 - 30 m
Hose diameters: 13 mm (1/2")
Hose model: Life
Warranty:  15 years

original hose

Original GARDENA Hoses

The traditional and proven choice.

Hose lengths: 20 - 50 m 
Hose diameters: 13 mm (1/2"); 19 mm (3/4")
Hose models: Classic, Comfort FLEX, Comfort HighFLEX and Premium SuperFLEX
Warranty: 12 - 30 years