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Hedge Clippers TeleCut
Article No. : 12304-20
The hedge clippers for greater reach and cutting strength
Classic Hedge Clippers 540
Article No. : 391-20
Smooth and efficient - ergonomic
Hedge Clippers NatureCut
Article No. : 12300-20
The all-rounder with wooden handles for effortless cutting
Hedge Clippers EasyCut
Article No. : 12301-20
The well-balanced all-rounder
Comfort Hedge Clippers 700 T
Article No. : 394-20
Telescopic – for a wide range
Excellent – comfortable
Hedge Clippers 2in1 EnergyCut
Article No. : 12303-20
The Hedge Clippers for fast work and extra power
Premium Gear Hedge Clippers 650
Article No. : 395-20
Premium quality for professional hedge trimming
Pruning Lopper TeleCut 520-670 B
Article No. : 12005-20
The compact telescopic Pruning Lopper for green branches
Pruning Lopper TeleCut 650-900 B
Article No. : 12009-20
The telescopic Pruning Lopper for green branches