GARDENA Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-28
Automatic timer for occasional watering
Water Control EasyPlus
Article No. : 1888-20
Watering and cooling - 2-step operation
Water Control Flex
Article No. : 1890-20
Perfect for irrigation of plant pots with micro-drip-system
Water Computer EasyControl
Article No. : 1881-20
Automatic garden irrigation made simple!
Water Computer FlexControl
Article No. : 1883-20
Flexibility when adjusting the settings
Water Control Master
Article No. : 1892-20
Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 6 individual watering schedules
Perfect model for individual irrigation of 2 areas
Water Computer MaxControl
Article No. : 1834-20
Automatically water with comfort
GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1188-20
Automatic, water-saving irrigation
Extension Cable
Article No. : 1186-20
Extension Cable
Let it flow – automatic and in a row! In up to 6 areas in the garden.
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