Everything for watering your garden

The right watering is essential to ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy. GARDENA has everything you require to give your garden the irrigation supply it needs.

Hose Fittings

GARDENA Tap Connector 12,5mm (1/2")
Article No. : 6000
Fits together and easy to handle
GARDENA Threaded Tap Connector 19 mm (G 3/4")
Article No. : 6001
Fits together and easy to handle
Tap Connector 16 mm (5/8")
Article No. : 6003
Tap Connector 16 mm (5/8")
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GARDENA Classic Hose 13 mm (1/2")
Article No. : 18003-20
Hose, 20 m
Classic Hose 19 mm (3/4"), 20 m
Article No. : 18022-20
Hose, 20 m
GARDENA Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2")
Article No. : 18033-20
Hose with Power Grip, 20 m
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Hose Trolleys/Reels

GARDENA Classic Hose Trolley 50
Article No. : 8011-20
For easy hose transportation
Hose Trolley Set
Article No. : 2692-20
Hose Trolley Set
GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box 25 roll-up automatic
Article No. : 8023-20
Compact and ready for immediate use: The 25 roll-up automatic – for medium-sized gardens
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Cleaning Nozzle
Article No. : 18300-20
Small and compact nozzle for cleaning and watering - now frost-proof
Classic Cleaning Nozzle
Article No. : 18301-20
Convenient nozzle for powerful cleaning and watering - now frost-proof
Water Sprayer
Article No. : 18310-20
Small and compact sprayer for gentle watering - now frost-proof
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GARDENA Classic Spray Sprinkler Fox
Article No. : 1951-20
The Spray Sprinkler for smaller areas
GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot
Article No. : 1953-20
The Rose Sprinkler for smaller to middle areas
GARDENA Classic 6 Pattern Sprinkler Boogie
Article No. : 2073-20
The sprinkler for different irrigation shapes
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GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush
Article No. : 987-20
Cleans sensitive areas
GARDENA Hand-Held Scrubbing Brush
Article No. : 988-20
For cleaning narrow areas and robust surfaces
Shampoo Wax Sticks
Article No. : 989-20
The Shampoo Wax Sticks for sparkling clean results
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Water Controls

GARDENA Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-28
Cost-favourable automatic irrigation
Water Computer EasyControl
Article No. : 1881-20
Automatic garden irrigation made simple!
Water Computer FlexControl
Article No. : 1883-20
Flexibility when adjusting the settings
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GARDENA Electric Drill Pump
Article No. : 1490-20
Suitable for any electric drill
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