An essential key to great gardening

Bushes, trees and hedges need pruning, trimming, cutting and sawing to stay healthy and strong. GARDENA has everything for landscape design and garden care.

Hedge Clippers

Classic Hedge Clippers 540
Article No. : 391-20
Smooth and efficient - ergonomic
Comfort Boxwood Secateurs
Article No. : 399-20
Tire-free work - non-stick coated
GARDENA Comfort Hedge Clippers 570
Article No. : 392-20
Excellent – comfortable
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GARDENA Classic Secateurs
Article No. : 8754-20
Precision-ground with ergonomic handles
Garden Secateurs B/S
Article No. : 8854-20
Stainless steel lower blade, fibreglass-reinforced handle.
Garden Secateurs A/S
Article No. : 8855-20
Sturdy anvil, fibreglass-reinforced handle.
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GARDENA Classic Pruning Lopper 480B
Article No. : 8776-20
The easy to handle Pruning Loppers for fresh wood
GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper 500BL
Article No. : 8770-51
Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting
Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650BT
Article No. : 8779-20
The Telescopic Loppers for greater reach and a clean cut
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Branch Pruners

Telescopic Pruning Lopper StarCut 410 plus
Article No. : 12001-20
The specialist for the maintenance of high trees
combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner
Article No. : 297-20
Cut high branches from the ground - dry and hard wood
GARDENA Combisystem Telescopic Handle
Article No. : 3721-20
Heights up to approx. 6 metres
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Garden Saws

GARDENA Comfort Bow Saw 530
Article No. : 8747-20
Light and robust saw for thick branches and logs
GARDENA Combisystem Garden Saw 300 PP
Article No. : 8737-20
For effort-saving and precise sawing anywhere in your trees
GARDENA Combisystem Bow Saw
Article No. : 691-20
Flexible use - with Telescopic Handle up to 5 m height
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