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Battery garden equipment that gives you the freedom to create.

GARDENA battery driven products for all gardening purposes to choose from: Take care of your plants, your hedges, your trees and bushes as well as your lawn. And there is so much more: If you want to water your plants in a sustainable way using rainwater, you‘ll need a pump. And for cleaning purposes there is the new AquaClean.

All products allow powerful and cable free working wherever you want to use them. The Lithium-Ion cells guarantee a long run time and are rechargeable without memory effect.

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The GARDENA 18V POWER FOR ALL Battery System

The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers worldwide and offers the greatest variety of applications for your home and garden.
18V Power for all alliance

18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE: One battery for 70+ Tools

The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems of leading manufacturers worldwide and offers solutions for the entire home. Our vision is to provide our users with ONE battery that can be used for all use cases in and around the home.

United in ONE 18V battery ecosystem

Having one versatile 18V battery system for all your needs in and around the house makes getting from indoors to the outdoors easy.

The battery lawnmower perfect for small gardens with up to 50 m² of lawn
Manoeuvrable, efficient, powerful – the GARDENA Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ 32/36V P4A solo
Powerful and lightweight trimmer, perfectly adjustable to you
Convenient, battery-powered hedge trimmer for medium-sized hedges
Convenient, battery-powered hedge trimmer for medium-sized hedges
Battery hedge trimmer with telescopic handle for high hedges
Into the treetops without a ladder, and down to the cut material without bending
Powerful, versatile and mobile pressure cleaning thanks to exchangeable and rechargeable battery system
Powerful, lightweight & convenient: Anytime, Anywhere – the GARDENA Battery Blower PowerJet P4A
System Battery P4A PBA 18V/45
Article No. : 14903-20
Strong and powerful battery for home and garden
System Battery P4A PBA 18V/72
Article No. : 14905-20
Extra runtime with the strong and powerful battery for home and garden
The Starter-Set for all garden tools and devices of the 18 V POWER FOR ALL System
The Starter-Set for all garden tools and devices of the 18 V POWER FOR ALL System
The Starter-Set for extra power and runtime in the 18V POWER FOR ALL System
GARDENA products in use

Integrated battery tools for small gardens

The GARDENA Integrated battery system is an environmentally friendly - battery-powered garden equipment system. A perfect solution for small gardening tasks on your terrace, small garden or even balcony.
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Integrated battery tools

Cordless and convenient assistants to help care for your garden.

Complete set for the accurate cutting of lawn edges and topiary work on box trees and shrubs
GARDENA products in use

Li-Ion Power System 40V - Full power for your garden!

The GARDENA 40V Li-Ion battery system is just the right thing for all tasks that take a long time and require a lot of power. Lawn care, tree and shrub care and all kinds of garden cleaning can be done with the extra-long run time in one go without having to constantly recharge your battery.

40V Li-Ion Power Battery System

The GARDENA battery system with extra-long run time and more power.
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