How and when to pick cucumbers

Garden Life
A refreshing kick from your own garden can be harvested.
Because of its mild and fresh taste, this cucurbitaceae is a beloved vegetable.
Cucumbers are very low in calories and therefore are often used to lose weight. 
They are a valuable source of vitamins and mineral acids. In addition, they can be used in many different ways. Cucumbers can be served as sliced salad or steamed vegetable. They can also be eaten with a dip for snack. Cucumbers or rather cucumber juice is also used as ingredient for skin care.

If cucumbers have bloomed, they can normally be harvested after two weeks. They should have a smooth skin as well as a uniformly dark green colour.
Growing fruits should be harvested young. Reason is that in the early harvest time, the taste is better and the total yield will be higher. Harvest time is from December to April. Bright parts are a sign for over-ripe cucumbers. Best is to harvest cucumbers at the right time. Use a sharp knife or GARDENA scissors to cut off the vegetable from its stalk.

To keep all valuable vitamins and minerals, you should eat the cucumber with their dark green skin. This is where most of the vitamins are located.

Image: © Qpicimages - Fotolia