Help your lawn by reseeding

Garden Life
There are large bald areas in your lawn?
What to do when big gaps appear in your lawn? If these areas do not regenerate by themselves you can assist your lawn by reseeding. Best time to do this is after aerating, ventilating or sanding.

You can go in nearly every do-it-yourself store and specialist shops to buy reseedings. A mixture of different seeds of grasses is often recommended because it quickly fixes bald areas.

How to proceed?
First, you should mow your lawn quite short and rake it with an aerator rake or electric lawn aerator. Aerating removes dead leftover grass, moss and weeds. Afterwards you can start with reseeding. This can be done from October to March.

Mix the seeds in a bucket. Based on the recommendations on the package choose the right proportion of seedlings per square metre. With this recommendation, you can adjust the spreader. If you spread by hand you can weigh one hand full of seeds to know how much you need per square metre. Spread seeds in a criss-cross pattern (once lengths-striped and another time cross-striped) to get a more uniform application. Afterwards the seeds need to be worked into the green scars. You can do this with the help of a rake or sprinkling with water. Cover the seeds with compost or peat moss to hold the moisture on the seed. This also covers the seed to help protect them from birds and to speed germination.

Water thoroughly the first four weeks. During warm weather periods you should water the lawn a few times a day. The grass should be about 10 centimetres (4 inches) tall before you mow it down to 5 centimetres (2 inches). Make sure that the blades of your mower are sharp, otherwise they will harm the young grass. If you want a denser lawn you can fertilise after mowing. 

Follow this process and you will have a beautiful, dense and sustainable lawn within 4 weeks.

To-do list: 
- buy seed mixture
- mow your lawn
- aerate, ventilate or sand
- spread seeds criss-cross
- work seeds into soil
- water thoroughly for 4 weeks
- after a height of 10 cm cut the lawn back to 5 cm
- fertilise if needed