Enjoy the holidays in your garden

Garden Life
Summertime is holiday time. Many people are of the opinion that it is only possible to find real relaxation when you go on holidays abroad. “Distance from everyday life” is the most cited reason for travelling abroad and around the country. But why don´t you spend your work-free days at home and enjoy your garden this year? We reveal some tips on how the holidays at home could be a unique experience – for young and old.

Long travelling routes around the country or abroad could be very stressful - especially for a family with little children. If you consider the climate change, different foods, delayed trains and restless children, a holiday could be everything but recuperation. That might be different when you stay at home in your garden: There is no stress at all!

In order to avoid a full timetable everyday with doctors’ visits, ironing and doing all the household work, it is important to find a balance between activity and rest: This way, the body can come to rest, and you escape the stress of everyday life the best way.

So add some sunshine to your life and indulge yourself with some relaxing hours in your garden: What about reading an exciting book, redecorating your garden or just relaxing in a lounge chair under the chestnut or the apple tree? Especially at summer time, your garden shows all its colourful flowers and its diversity of insects. Your children will also be glad to play finally in probably one of the greatest play rooms in summer! A paddling pool, an art-and craft table or a reading corner under an apple tree – this are some possibilities to entertain your kids. But make sure that your kids stay in the shade during midday-sun or when they need a relaxing hour after romping around.
Movement makes one hungry and a picnic basket is ideal for a snack. Little fruits in your garden like strawberries, raspberries or currants deliver valuable vitamins in addition.

Gardening work doesn´t have to do always with “work”. It is possible to relax while working in the garden. Your metabolism gets stimulated, your muscles are supplied with blood more effectively and tensions are dissolved. When the sun is slowly setting beyond the horizon and the children are exhausted, it is a good idea to have a small braai together in order to end an exciting day.

A cool refreshment: Strawberry-Smoothie

250 g frozen strawberries
300 g plain yoghurt
200 g whipping cream
90 g icing sugar
40 g fresh strawberries

At first puree the frozen strawberries and add the plain yoghurt. Stir in the whipping cream slowly and add some icing sugar according to your taste. At last rack the smoothie into glasses and decorate the edge of each glass with a strawberry.

Tip: This smoothie also tastes great with raspberries.