Catch the scents of summer

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The fragrance and the use of different medicinal herbs and plants have a beneficial effect on the human organism. They are said to have a positive impact on diseases and help to balance mind and soul. Show your creativity and catch the summer fragrances in your garden. A few fresh branches or flowers often are enough to fill the whole room with fragrance. Depending on your taste or the season you can fill sachets with different ingredients.

Collect or buy plants and cure them

A number of different herbs, branches and flowers are suitable. The most popular one is lavender. It is famous for its different applications and effects.
Furthermore clove, cinnamon, apple-, lemon-, orange- and olive blossoms, rose petals, elder, lilac, jasmine, angel trumpet, peppermint, melissa, vervain and numerous other plants can be used. You can buy these herbs and plants but you can also collect them in your garden during summer.

The drying procedure is always the same. If the plant has a long stem and is in full bloom, you should cut it including the stem. Tie the stems together and hang up the bundle upside-down in a dark corner in your flat. The drying procedure will take between 1 to 3 weeks. As soon as the flowers and stems are dry, cut them in small pieces.

Prepare sachet and mixture

The production of a lavender sachet is no effort. You can use fabric remnants or handkerchiefs. Cut circles or squares in the desired size.
You also need absorbent cotton or a tissue. If you want, you can add a few drops of aromatic oil to boost the intensity of the fragrant sachet.
The fillings can be individually adjusted to different needs and uses. There are no limits to your imagination.

Stir vigorously the flower mixture with a spoon. Place the cotton/tissue in the center of the fabric. Take a spoon and put the mixture on the cotton/handkerchief. At the end take a nice cord to tie the sachets.

Ingredients of fragrant sachets for the cold season

  • cinnamons 
  • cloves
  • dried and hackled skin of apples, lemons and oranges 
  • fir needles 
  • boxwood branches 
  • cedarwood

Ingredients of fragrant sachets for the warm season

  • rose petals
  • lavender
  • lemongrass
Dry all ingredients and chop them.
Then mix everything well, pour into a small bag and tie.
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