Care tips for thuja hedges

Garden Life
January is well suited to cut back the hedge.
To ensure that your Thuja hedge stays dense, it is important to take care of it. Thuja hedges can actually be pruned throughout the year – at frost-free temperatures. Nevertheless, January is well suited to cut back the plant, since it reduces its growth in the end of January. In February the plant grows more slowly which affects the healing process in a positive way. Do not choose a too sunny day. Best time is late afternoon. This way, the freshly cut wounds do not get burned and dry well.

However, keep your eyes open for birds’ nests. If there is a nest in the hedge, you should wait until April.

Add magnesium fertiliser to cause stronger growth
It is best to use a compound fertiliser because plants can take magnesium only in conjunction with nitrogen. Rake the fertiliser in the soil and water thoroughly. If your hedge has bald spots you can fix surrounded branches with the help of bast cord and bend them into another position. After a certain time, the branches will remain in the desired position and the bald spots will have disappeared.