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Difference between bypass and anvil secateurs

Bypass secateurs offer precision, while anvil secateurs offer force. When should you use each cutting principle?

Anvil secateurs

Anvil secateurs have a cutting blade that comes into contact with smooth metal, and are suitable for cutting finger-thick branches and solid wood.

However, as anvil secateurs do bruise the plant tissue, they should only really be used for cutting or chopping up dead wood.

anvil secateur

anvil secateur

Bypass secateurs

Bypass secateurs use two blades that glide past each other, enabling a sharp, clean cut, close to the stem or root.

Bypass secateurs are therefore particularly suited for cutting living plant tissue. They can be used to cut young or soft wood, as well as semi-woody garden bushes and shrubs.

bypass secateur

bypass secateur

Expert tip

Quality is important with both types of secateurs: High-quality, sharp blades will give you the optimum cut.

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