A person unpacking a package with GARDENA spare parts

Spare parts

Buy original GARDENA spare parts

As a premium garden brand, GARDENA offers original spare parts that meet the highest quality standards. We place great value on excellent customer service and sustainability. For us this means: It is possible to order spare parts for up to 10 years after a product has been phased out . On this page you can read how to order parts via this website.


There are 2 ways to order spare parts:

You can order parts by using the search function or by navigating through the menu.

Searching spare parts through the search function:

Etapes 1 et 2

Steps 1 and 2: Enter the item number, spare part number, or full text in the search box, then click "Learn More" to go to the product page.

Etape 3

Step 3: Then click on the spare parts button. It may be necessary to enter the year of manufacture. The year of manufacture can be found on the product nameplate, e.g. on the back.

Searching spare parts through the navigation:

Etape 1

Step 1: Choose a product via the navigation, for example a robotic lawnmower. Then search for the right product.

Etape 2

Step 2: Click on the "Spare Parts" section. Sometimes the input of the production year is necessary. The year of manufacture can be found on the type plate of the product, eg on the back.