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Maxi-Flo™ Hose Coupling
Article No. : G2831
For easy hose connection or extension
Maxi-Flo™ Reducing Coupling
Article No. : G2830
For hose extensions and conversions from Maxi-Flo™ System to Original GARDENA System
Forms the basis of the Maxi-Flo™ System
Hose Coupling
Article No. : G931
Fits together and easy to handle
Hose Coupling 3 Way
Article No. : G934
Fits together and easy to handle
Maxi-Flo™ Adaptor
Article No. : G2821
For converting to the Maxi-Flo™ System
Perfect for hose repair
Washer Set for G289 / G2802 Tap Nut Adapters
Classic high capacity hose nozzle
Maxi-Flo™ Soft Spray Nozzle
Article No. : 2847-20
Profi MF Shower/Spray Gun
Profi MF Spray Lance
Maxi-Flo Hose Connector 19 mm
Article No. : G2816
Simple and easy to use hose connector
Hose Trolley CleverRoll M
Article No. : 18510-20
Hose Trolley with convenient handling
Terrace Spiral Hose
Article No. : 18401-20
7.5 m Spiral Hose set with integrated bracket
Terrace Hose Box 10 m
Article No. : 18400-20
Space-saving box for balcony, terrace and small gardens
Wall Hose Bracket
Article No. : 241-20
The little helper
Brass Hose Connector
Article No. : 9862-25
Hose lead
Hose Connector 13 mm (1/2")
Article No. : 18215-20
Connection at the beginning of the hose