Mechanical Grass Shears

Ergonomic handles for ideal handling. Wave-ground cutting blades for a precise cut and top finish lawn edge.
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Ideal for the precise, mechanical cut

Close-up of GARDENA Mechanical Grass shear

Lightweight design

Ergonomic and lightweight design for the perfect lawn edges

GARDENA Mechanical Grass Shear

Easy, comfortable cutting

GARDENA Mechanical Grass Shears are ergonomically designed to make cutting as easy and comfortable as possible. The soft components and special handle shape allow a firm grip and light handling while the blades can be rotated to suit your left or right hand.

GARDENA Mechanical Grass Shear

25-year warranty

Our mechanical grass shears are designed and built using our long experience and the highest quality materials. We´re so confident, all GARDENA menchanical grass shears are guaranteed by a 25-year warranty.

GARDENA Mechanical Grass Shear

Setting the standard

High quality and innovative solutions. The GARDENA Manual Grass Shears has no ifs and buts - the clippers are suitable for both left- and right-handed users.


Garden inspiration

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Fertiliser Special

It's an amazing thing: Nobody would be surprised if a canary fell from its perch because nobody fed it. But although you feed your pets as a matter of course, when it comes to plants even garden-lovers can be astounded when you ask them this crucial question: "OK, did you fertilise? If so, when, with what and how much did you use?"
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Lawn preparations

Ugly, yellow-green waterlogged patches tend to appear where the roots of a lawn cannot breathe properly. This is the case where the soil is densified and also possibly waterlogged. The problem also occurs on heavily-used lawns. Special aeration measures – aerifying and sanding – for lawn roots permit the green grass to breathe again.
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Hardly any garden owners like weeds in their garden. However, even if they're a real problem for you, there's no need to resort to chemical weedkillers straight away.