GARDENA holiday watering installed in a plant pot

Holiday Watering

A woman is standing in between her houseplants with a packed bag

Plant care for when you’re not there

With the GARDENA independent watering solutions, watering your plants becomes a carefree task - indoors and outdoors.

No matter if there is a tap or a power socket available - the GARDENA independent watering solutions keep your plants and flowers blooming with the right amount of water - even when you are away on holiday.

Outdoor Holiday Watering

GARDENA Aqua Bloom

AquaBloom Set

Solar-powered irrigation for up to 20 balcony and terrace plants 

✓ No tap connection needed.
✓ No mains power needed.
✓ Solar-powered: tapless and plugless.
✓ 3in1 main unit (pump, control unit, solar panel).
✓ 14 pre-set watering programmes.

A GARDENA AquaBloom set with solar technique


How much water do your plants need as long as you are gone?

Indoor Holiday Watering

GARDENA holiday watering technique installed in an outdoor plant pot

For up to 36 pot plants and indoor plants without tap connection needed.

✓ Irrigation is activated for one minute each daysely dosed irrigation.

✓ The accompanying hose brackets allow up to three various water supply quantities thanks to the drip distributors.