GARDENA combisystem

Let your tool family grow


Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.


The practical GARDENA combisystem makes it possible to do more with less. The system offers suitable and reliable tools for diverse tasks that need to be tackled in the garden throughout the year. The interchangeable attachments enable the right handle-tool combination for any gardening task and every season.

*Register your combisystem products at gardena.com/registration within 3 months after purchase and get 25 years of warranty. Warranty conditions at gardena.com/warranty.


Build your own combisystem according to your need

Every tool works with any handle. Find the right handle-tool combination for an ergonomic working position according to the gardening task and your body height. With the combisystem you get more tools, but use less space thanks to the clever storage solutions.

combisystem 4 pics

1 Choose any tool

From our range of durable attachments that are perfect for your individual gardening tasks.


2 Add any handle

Which works best for you, whether that’s length, comfort or material.


3 Pick any storage

From a choice of space-saving solutions.