46 Results found for: Comfort Telescopic Hedge Clippers 700 T
Telescopic – for a wide range
Hedge Clippers NatureCut
Article No. : 12300-20
Well-balanced all-round clippers that are prepared for everything
Hedge Clippers PrecisionCut
Article No. : 12302-20
Beautifully shape your shrubbery
Comfort Hedge Clippers 570
Article No. : 392-20
Excellent – comfortable
Hedge Clippers EasyCut
Article No. : 12301-20
A versatile, lightweight and efficient hedge clipper
Hedge Clippers TeleCut
Article No. : 12304-20
Telescopic hedge clippers for extended reach
Hedge Clippers 2in1 EnergyCut
Article No. : 12303-20
The hedge clipper with extra power at your service
Premium Gear Hedge Clippers 650
Article No. : 395-20
Premium quality for professional hedge trimming
Heights up to approx. 6 metres
NatureLine Spade
Article No. : 17000-20
Digging over your soil with ease
NatureLine Pointed Spade
Article No. : 17001-20
Digging over hard, difficult earth more easily
NatureLine Spading Fork
Article No. : 17002-20
Digging over and replanting without damaging the roots
Oscillating Sprinkler Aqua S
Article No. : 18700-20
Precise, even watering for small lawns
Comfort Hand Hoe
Article No. : 8955-20
For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil
Comfort Hand Rake
Article No. : 8956-20
For raking leaves, weeds and grass cuttings
Comfort Hand Grubber
Article No. : 8957-20
for loosening and aerating the soil
Comfort Flower Rake
Article No. : 8958-20
For raking and loosening the soil
Comfort Patio Weeder
Article No. : 8959-20
For removing grass, moss and weeds