51 Results found for: Comfort Bypass Secateurs with Integrated Spring
Light, adjustable handles and durable
Ideal for hard, dry wood.
Durable and ergonomic
Made of lightweight aluminium with replaceable blades.
Premium Bypass Secateurs
Article No. : 8702-20
Premium quality
Stainless steel lower blade.
Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting
Premium Bypass Pruning Lopper
Article No. : 8710-51
Technique- and design-oriented for demanding garden enthusiasts
Ideal for changing accessories
Comfort Bed Sprayer
Article No. : 18319-20
Convenient sprayer for watering beds and larger planted areas
Comfort Spray Lance
Article No. : 18334-25
Comfort spray lance for watering plants and cleaning remote areas - frost-proof
Comfort Hand Hoe
Article No. : 8955-20
For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil
Comfort Hand Rake
Article No. : 8956-20
For raking leaves, weeds and grass cuttings
Comfort Hand Grubber
Article No. : 8957-20
for loosening and aerating the soil
Comfort Flower Rake
Article No. : 8958-20
For raking and loosening the soil
Comfort Patio Weeder
Article No. : 8959-20
For removing grass, moss and weeds
Comfort Hand Trowel
Article No. : 8960-20
For planting and transplanting
Comfort Grass Shears, rotatable
Article No. : 8734-20
Flexible Grass Shears – for right- and left-handed people