10 Results found for: Combisystem Branch Pruner S
Cut high branches from the ground
combisystem Cultivator
Article No. : 3135-20
For loosening up the soil
combisystem Shovel Rake
Article No. : 3120-20
The practical, versatile 3-in-1 garden tool
Pick up windfalls without bending
combisystem Adjustable Rake
Article No. : 3103-20
For raking leaves and grass clippings
combisystem Fruit Picker
Article No. : 3115-20
Makes fruit picking easy
Combisystem Bow Saw
Article No. : 691-20
Flexible use - with Telescopic Handle up to 5 m height
combisystem Garden Hoe
Article No. : 3220-20
Straight blade, 3 teeth, 8.5 cm working width.