Lightweight, for more cutting power

The GARDENA Loppers are all robust, long lasting, whilst still lightweight, offering the best cutting performance.

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Quick facts

Tough, handy and extremely lightweight. Watch here.


Ergonomics, quality materials and lightweight

Made from top quality materials and equipped with the most innovative features, the GARDENA loppers deliver an effortless but precise cutting result. Ergonomically created for optimal operating performance and comfort, these loppers feature a stylish design and ensure a safe and accurate experience in your garden.


Bypass loppers – ideal for fresh wood

Both blade and counter blade are ground and penetrate into the branch simultaneously. They have a "pulling cut", which means easy, accurate cutting without leaving pressure marks on the wood. Branches and twigs are cut very close to the trunk, which prevents cones that hinder the flow of sap.

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Anvil loppers – ideal for hard, dry wood

The upper blade is narrower and sharper. The wide anvil distributes pressure and supports the branch in order to avoid damaging or crushing the bark. A curved head or swivelling anvil provides an easier cutting action close to the joint.

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Classic Pruning Lopper 680B
Article No. : 8775-20
The robust Pruning Loppers for fresh wood
The robust Pruning Loppers for dry and hard wood
The easy to handle Pruning Loppers for fresh wood
Ultra-light and comfortable for cutting
Easier, cleaner cut and optimal ergonomics
The Bypass Telescopic Loppers for greater reach and a clean cut
Premium Bypass Pruning Lopper
Article No. : 8710-51
Technique- and design-oriented for demanding garden enthusiasts