The foundation of all beautiful gardens

Get the most out of your garden by taking care of your garden soil, beds and ground.
GARDENA has the hand tools you need to get the job done.


Heights up to approx. 6 metres
combisystem Wooden Handle
Article No. : 3725-20
High-quality wood for low-vibration work
CS Garden saw 300 PP
Article No. : 8737-20
For effort-saving and precise sawing anywhere in your trees
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Terraline™ Digging Tools

Terraline™ Spade D-grip
Article No. : 3771-24
Hard work – made easier: digging with the Terraline™ Spade
Terraline™ Small Spade D-grip
Article No. : 3772-24
Digging made easy with the Terraline™ Small Spade
Digging in hard, heavy soil with the right spade
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For all kinds of work in the garden
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Garden Accessories

The Gripper
Article No. : 3567-20
A grip on everything
Weeding Trowel
Article No. : 3517-20
Remove weeds without bending down
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