SILENO Robotic Lawnmower - the best robotic lawnmower for a perfect lawn

Do what you love - and GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers will take care of the rest

Walking barefoot through a perfectly mowed lawn in summer: Is that not pure garden joy? With an intelligent GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower, you can rely on sophisticated, innovative technology and long-term satisfaction - regardless of whether you spend the time you save in the garden or out and about.

The SILENO - The perfect choice for any garden

With a fully automatic robotic lawnmower, you can look forward to a perfect, green lawn and plenty of free time to enjoy yourself. But why is a GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower the best choice in comparison? Discover five unbeatable reasons.

The quietest robotic lawnmower in comparison

Pssst! You will be able to hear the difference: Our family of robotic lawnmowers is called SILENO for a reason: They are by far the winner in terms of quietness.

While comparable robotic lawnmowers can operate at up to 68 db(A), the SILENO city operates at just 58 db(A). The perfect way to maintain your garden as your oasis of peace, and keep your neighbours happy too!

Agile and efficient thanks to a patented guide cable

Your robotic lawnmower knows where to go. Don't worry if your SILENO gets stuck in a corner.

Thanks to our precise technology, it will reach every remote area of lawn in your garden - even through narrow passages from 60 cm in width. Thanks to our guide cable, your SILENO always finds the fastest and most efficient route through winding gardens and back to the charging station. And you can use your lawn faster again.
weather proof

Works in all weathers

Our robotic lawnmowers have no rain sensor. Why? It's simple: They don't need one. While other automatic lawnmowers start travelling back to the charging station when it starts raining, SILENO simply carries on mowing. Thanks to our sophisticated design, rainy days, wet grass and dirt are no problem for the SILENO.

Stay cosy and dry while your robot does the work for you - completely autonomously.

20 years of experience in robotic lawnmowers

For decades, we have been optimising our technical expertise and using a sophisticated overall system as a basis. Our experience means that when you purchase a GARDENA robotic lawnmower, you're on the safe side!

With a SILENO, you are opting for an intelligent robotic lawnmower with reliable, durable technology, that works trouble-free under any condition. Giving you more time for the important things in life!

Model overview of the GARDENA robotic lawnmower

Which GARDENA robotic lawnmower is the right one for your garden?
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Robotic mower SILENO city, 250 m²
Article No. : 15001-38
The Robotic Lawnmower for smaller gardens up to 250m²
Article No. : 4069-60
The robotic lawnmower for an easy life, more free time and a perfect lawn. For medium sized gardens or such with more complex structures.
Blade kit
Article No. : 4087-20
Spare Blade for mowing and care – cut and mulch
Boundary Wire 150m
Article No. : 4088-20
This is where to mow: define the mowing area for Robotic Lawnmowers
Article No. : 4089-20
Connect the Boundary Wire and attach
Article No. : 4090-20
For securing the boundary wire for any GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower
Repair Set for Boundary Wires
Article No. : 4059-20
For repairing and minor adjustments of the mowing area
Repair Set for Boundary Wires
Article No. : 4059-60
For repairing and minor adjustments of the mowing area
grass breaker

Do it yourself: Video guide to installation

It's easier than you think. Easy commissioning thanks to our videos and the GARDENA Programming Assistant. See for yourself.

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