City gardening products for balconies, patios, decks and terraces

Plenty of green, however small the space. Helpful products for flourishing city and smaller urban gardens. 
Soft Sprayer 450 ml
Article No. : 11102-20
Handy Soft Sprayer for watering seedlings
Pump Sprayer 1 L
Article No. : 11112-20
Practical Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
Pump Sprayer 1 L EasyPump
Article No. : 11114-20
Battery-powered Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
Pressure Sprayer 1.25 L
Article No. : 11120-20
Convenient Pressure Sprayer for your watering and fertilising needs
Gardening Tool Kit
Article No. : 8970-20
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.
Article No. : 8704-20
Comfortable and handy household scissors for a variety of tasks
Tap Connector for Indoor Taps
Article No. : 18210-20
A convenient way to get water to the balcony, deck, terrace or patio
Spiral Hose Set 10 m
Article No. : 4647-20
Spiral Hose that coils back
Solar-powered irrigation set ideal for balconies, terraces, decks and patios

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