Working ergonomically while protecting the back

Garden Life
Gardening tasks such as planting flowers mean having to bend over, kneel and stand up often. Here, attention is not always paid to properly executing the movements and correct posture, and the body is hence unnecessarily strained.

Avoid mistakes

Gardening tasks on the ground should not be carried out with legs stretched and torso bent over, but with the body bent over on the ground instead. When using tools to prepare and cultivate the soil such as rakes or hoes, the back is best protected when the work is executed in an upright position with a tool handle that is appropriate to one’s height. Never lift loads by bending over while standing, but from a squatting position instead.

Use the right tools

Ergonomically designed tools have been optimised for your comfort when handling and using them in order to relieve the strain on the body and to keep fatigue to a minimum. Curved handles, low weight and adapted handles all allow for work to be done from an upright position, optimised movements, and for the smallest amount of effort possible.

Expert tip

Wear clothing that is sufficiently long: Do not expose the back to cold draughts when doing arduous work – this may result in back tension and even lumbago.