Sowing seeds for a rich harvest

Garden Life
The right time for sowing seeds is not a matter of coincidence.

Waiting for the sun

As a rule, sowing seeds when the ground temperature is at a constantly warm 12°C or higher guarantees the most success as frost tends to damage many of the seedlings. Before commencing with planting, check, without fail, how frost-resistant the respective seedlings are. The most favourable period for sowing is shown on the seed packaging, or a short check on the Internet may be helpful.

Sowing spinach

Using a garden hoe, draw a furrow of a few centimetres in depth, and sow the spinach seeds in it at intervals of about 15 cm and 1-3 cm deep. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and press it down loosely. In spring, in particular, it is advisable to cover the seeds with fleece in order to protect them from the weather and predatory creatures. After around 10 weeks, the spinach is ready for harvesting.