Removing weeds from garden beds

Garden Life
In the following, learn how weeds can be removed from garden beds

Wild flowers and herbs

Dandelion and chickweed are examples of wild plants which can also be used in the kitchen. However, whoever does not want these plants in their garden beds is well-advised to attack the source of nutrient supply: the roots.

Getting rid of weeds

Here, meticulous work is called for since the roots of the weeds often reach far into the soil. Hack off the weeds and, with plants such as dandelion, couch grass, goutweed, sorrel, stinging nettle, remove as much of the roots as possible. This is because these plants are able to sprout again from the roots remaining in the ground. This task is even easier when the soil is moist. Dispose of the roots in the organic waste bin; they could begin to grow again on the compost heap.

Expert tip

Planting potatoes, for example, is an effective means against weeds: They compete with the weeds for light, water and nutrients and thus combat their growth.

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