Preparing the soil for healthy garden beds

Garden Life
The right bed preparation and cultivation is the foundation for lush green oases and fragrant blossoms.

Cleaning the bed area

In order to begin with the sowing of seeds and plants on a clean and well-cultivated garden bed, remove all weeds and plant remains from the area. Embed the plant residue as humus or use it for the compost heap.

Cultivating the soil

Soil analysis is important for the right preparation of the garden bed. To this end, press a little soil into the palm of your hand. If the soil remains loose, it indicates sandy ground. If, on the other hand, a sticky lump is formed, it is clay soil. A combination of both kinds is considered the best gardening soil. For this, simply mix sandy soil with mature compost and a few shovels of clay soil, and clay soil with mature compost as well and a few wheelbarrows of sandy soil.

Expert tip

After preparing and cultivating the soil, always level the bed in order to avoid puddles forming on the surface.