Improving bed soil for healthy growth

Garden Life
Loosened and aerated earth offers plants excellent conditions to thrive.

Clay soil

Beds with clay soil are often compact and absorbing water is difficult. This is made easier when the earth in the beds in loosened. Here, it is important that only the upper layer of soil is loosened down to a depth of 30 cm so that most garden plants can take root here easily.
Only when soil compaction occurs in deeper layers (identified via the formation of puddles or plants that are not growing properly) do these layers have to be broken up by loosening the earth more deeply.

Sandy soil

Sandy soil tends to dry out quickly in summer. Here, incorporating peat substitutes and spreading mulch onto the soil surface helps. In this manner, the water evaporates more slowly and the earth retains moisture for a longer period.

Expert tip

When loosening soil, compost may be incorporated into the earth at the same time if required.